Land Rover Range Rover is a 4WD sport utility vehicle developed by luxury SUV automaker Land Rover for the first time in the UK; it was owned by Tata Motors, an Indian-based company.

land rover range rover

Range Rover has a revolutionary design in the luxury SUV models category with exceptional off-road driving capabilities.


The first Range Rover model emerged in the year 1970, and later it was renamed as Range Rover Classic in order to differentiate the vehicle from its successors. It was developed and designed by a highly qualified group led by Charles Spencer King.

The first model was not introduced as a 4×4 luxury-type SUV, unlike Jeep Wagoneer. It was featured with fairly utilitarian, basic interiors that included plastic dashboard, and vinyl front seats.

The convenient features include power assisted steering column, air conditioning, carpeted floors, and leather/cloth seats.

First Generation Range Rover

The first generation Land Rover Range Rover models were designed in between during 1970-1996. The 1st generation Range Rover Classic was incorporated with a V8 powered engine with an ability to pump out 135 hp of output power, and this type of power-train was seen among Buick models earlier.

land rover range rover

Later in 1984, the engine gained Lucas fuel injection, and that resulted in an increase in the output power i.e. 155 hp. The 1990 Range Rover edition was provided with a 3.9 litre engine and in 1992, again it was upgraded to a standard 4.2 litre drive-train.

The first 4-door Range Rover was introduced in 1981, and it was considered as one of the most significant changes that Land Rover had made among its models. The first Range Rover model happens to come out with a green exterior body, and it is now displayed in an exhibition at a Land Rover Centre in West Yorkshire.

Land Rover Range Rover- Second Generation

In between 1994 and 2001, the second generation Range Rover models were available in the automotive market.

The second generation Land Rover Range Rover model was introduced in the year 1995 with an upgraded V8 engine, and it has been named as P38A. There was also an optional 2.5 litre inline 6-cylinder engine available for this generation, and it became the first diesel engine seen in the Land Rover models line-up.

land rover range rover

The vehicle was provided with plenty amount of standard amenities required to contend with its competitors. An advanced electronic air suspension was included in the features list with an ability to provide auto-speed height adjustment, and also lay a useful hand in parking the vehicle horizontally.

Current Models

The present 2011 Range Rover model has been designed with lavish world-class interior, and excellent off-road driving capability.

The new 2011 Range Rover is a 5-passenger SUV that has been released in 2-main trim levels namely: Supercharged, and HSE. A standard 5.0 litre V8 drive-train propels the 2011 Range Rover that results in 375 hp of engine output and torque of about 375 lb-feet.

land rover range rover

The supercharged version has the ability to generate 510 hp and 461 lb-feet of torque. The engine power is made available to the rear-wheels via a standard 6-speed auto transmission system.

In Edmunds performance testing, the new Range Rover 2011 had the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds. The fuel economy rating is around 12 miles per gallon in cities, and 18 miles per gallon on the highways.

The starting MSRP of 2011 Land Rover Range Rover is $78,835.

land rover range rover

Black Land Rover Range Rover

land rover range rover

White Land Rover Range Rover

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Red Land Rover Range Rover

land rover range rover land rover range rover land rover range rover